General manager Speech

       First of all thank you for so many years to benefit the development of the paint industry quietly concerned about selfless dedication of all walks of life friends, colleagues, benefits can paint is because of your support to the wind and rain in the road will not be lonely, faith is more persistent, you are the source of the company's development of the benefits of the power source of the company's development.

       Times in progress, the market competition is more intense, the enterprise encounters the opportunity and the challenge also more and more. In the face of new challenges, we have a strong belief and full of passion. Always believe that opportunity contains wonderful, innovative achievements albert. Open up new hopes, new experiences, and new dreams.

       Yike-People observe with "quality first, credibility first" business purposes; adhering to the "environmental protection, pragmatic, efficient, innovation, service, win-win" business philosophy, we in line with the principle of seeking truth and being pragmatic do Yi Qiang, earnestly fulfill their social responsibility and dedication for users provide first-class services and products, and domestic and foreign friends from all walks of life to further enhance mutual understanding, strengthen cooperation, hand in hand, create a better future!

       We firmly believe that: the future years, through the joint efforts of all my colleagues, we will be able to achieve a new leap, new glory!

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